Tanisha Hill

Program Manager

Tanisha Hill brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a passion for community well-being to her role as the Program Manager. Originally hailing from Southwest Arkansas, Tanisha's journey has been marked by a commitment to service and a pursuit of knowledge. Tanisha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Southern Arkansas University, where her fascination with understanding human behavior first took root. Building on this foundation, she pursued a Master of Arts degree in Human Services from Webster University, deepening her motivation for creating impactful interventions for community support. With professional experience in higher education, social services, and program management, Tanisha strives to share her talents and knowledge. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tanisha is a proud Army veteran, showcasing her commitment to service and discipline. In her personal life, she finds joy in family moments with her husband, Drew, and their daughter, Jailynn. Together, they form a tight-knit unit that mirrors the support Tanisha aims to cultivate in the communities she serves. Tanisha's interests extend beyond her professional endeavors; she is an avid crafter, a culinary enthusiast who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, and a self-proclaimed expert in the art of Netflix show binge-watching. As the new Program Manager for the Bridges to Care and Recovery expansion, Tanisha embodies the program's mission of destigmatizing mental health, increasing awareness, and fostering supportive communities.