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BEACN Sustainability Retreat

In February 2024, Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis, in collaboration with community partners, including SSM Health, Mercy Hospital and Camden Coalition, hosted a regional sustainability retreat informed by the work of Building Engagement to Address Complex Needs (BEACN). The event was held at the May Center (SSM DePaul Hospital). Discussions and activity was centered around: Exploring innovative strategies for long term funding in addressing complex care; Integration of healthcare and social services; and Collaboration to develop a map for sustained impact. 

Pictured (from left to right) BHN staff: Jennifer Miller, Director of Community Programs; Anita Udaiyar, Director of Community Programs, Wendy Orson, Chief Executive Officer; Chris Hotard, Program Manager; Dana Silverblatt, Director of Community Programs; Bradley Wing, Director of Data Sciences & Analytics.

Nami Gala

Anita Udaiyar, Director of Clinical Strategies, and Chris Hotard, Program Manager of Complex Care recently attended the Annual Putting Care at the Center Conference organized by Camden Coalition in Boston where they had the opportunity to showcase the Building Engagement to Address Complex Needs (BEACN) project work through a Beehive Networking Presentation this format allowed them to engage with various professionals and organizations, fostering connections on a national level. Their networking efforts resulted in establishing meaningful connections that will contribute to the advancement of our complex care projects.

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MU School of Medicine Launching Program to Increase Access to Perinatal Mental Health Care for New Moms

Mental health factors, such a depression, anxiety, suicide and substance abuse are among the leading underlying causes of maternal death nationally according to the CDC. In Missouri, mental health conditions were the leading underlying cause of pregnancy-related deaths, contributing to roughly a third of all maternal deaths.