Kathryn Weigel

Data Analyst I

Kathryn is a passionate mental health advocate who is excited to transition to a research role after almost a decade of direct service in education and social work. Although an Ohio native, Kathryn graduated from George Mason University in Virginia with her bachelor's degree in mathematics and sociology. Kathryn then spent several years working in New York City schools prior to moving to St. Louis where she obtained her Masters in Social Work from the Brown School at Washington University. Kathryn fell in love with data and research as an undergraduate, but wanted more experience working directly in the field before pursuing research full-time. Her work experiences navigating the education, foster care, and housing systems give her unique perspectives and insights into the systemic inequalities individuals face in accessing different types of care and resources. As a social worker by training, she approaches situations from a social justice lens and advocates for equity and representation for all. Kathryn also worked at the Brown School's Evaluation Center, specifically on an impact evaluation for a local nonprofit, and she continues to work at the Brown School as a Teaching Assistant for the graduate course, Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. In her time off, Kathryn enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her son, Jonah.