Brinique Woodcock

Referral Coordinator, Bridges to Care

Brinique Woodcock is a Referral Coordinator for Bridges Care and Recovery. Although new to the nonprofit world, Brinique has had experience in community engagement, marketing, hospitality and service. Brinique has gained many skills through her opportunities involving startups, small businesses, and large corporations. Coming from a military family, Brinique is not originally from St. Louis, but has lived here the longest after falling in love with the city. She has a passion for mental health and LGBTQ+ advocacy. With over 6 years in the marketing industry, Brinique has dedicated her skills to focus on creating safe spaces and more representation for the Black, queer community especially surrounding mental health needs and accessibility. Brinique holds an M.S. in Entertainment Business and Entrepreneurship from Full Sail University and a B.A. in Communication from Saint Louis University. During her free time, Brinique likes to play video games, play music, and camp.